Our core two-day Leadership seminar
“Assessing and Refining Your Leadership Style” (ARYLS)

Grady McGonagill offers their leadership expertise and coaching skills to busy leaders.

Our unique point of view
Find out why what we do is unique here.

Find out about the Assessing and Refining Your Leadership Style (ARYLS) Seminar here.

Follow-up coaching gives you the support you need. Find out more here.

25+ years each of experience means that Grady can provide detailed advice and support to you. Find out more here.

Expert advice sprinkled with humor offers your company a great keynote or presentation speaker. Find out more here.

Bringing ARYLS In-house
The entire two-day ARYLS Seminar can be brought in-house, as can any portion of the ARYLS seminar for half-day and full-day presentations.

In addition, we can expand each of the six perspectives of the ARYLS
seminar into a half-day or day-long seminar on just that perspective.

The material we have is quite rich and two days is the minimum for covering it. We do it well in the ARYLS seminar, and we can provide expanded presentations of three to six days if these would fit the need better.

  • Contact us here for a customized ARYLS solution for your company or organization.
  • Peruse an alphabetical list of our “in house” clients and the adaptations of the ARYLS seminar we designed for them here.

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