Our core two-day Leadership seminar
“Assessing and Refining Your Leadership Style” (ARYLS)

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Why What We Provide Is Unique.

We deliver:

  • A unique point-of-view about leadership development
    We assume that people who have risen to positions of leadership already have a leadership style that works. For such people, becoming more effective means making refinements in their existing leadership style and making it more distinctive, not throwing it out and replacing it with something new.

  • A credible, comprehensive and practical guide to the field of leadership that serves to:
    • Help busy leaders find ideas, insights, and tools that they can
      build into their existing leadership style to make them more effective.
    • Give them the confidence to ignore advice and recommendations that don't fit them.

  • A comprehensive framework for understanding the entire field of leadership theory and advice
    Our approach is grounded in a framework that integrates and draws upon the enormous body of research and writing on leadership. We share this framework, supplemented by a comprehensive but highly selective annotated bibliography. Find out more here.

  • Six ways of learning from leadership theory and advice
    From our deep knowledge of the literature on leadership we have identified six powerful perspectives that distill essential questions and alternative approaches. Each of these perspectives serves as the basis for self-assessments that enable participants to identify options for enhancing their own leadership styles and making choices that feel right for them. Find out more here.

  • Support for ongoing leadership development
    We support participants' ongoing leadership development by providing teleconferences, follow-up coaching, an ezine with practical leadership advice and case studies, and occasional Perspectives on Leadership. All of these are designed to support participants in incorporating their improvement insights from our leadership programs into their leadership style. Find out more here.

  • Credibility
    Our approach is based on rigorous research, driven by our passion for understanding and improving human performance. Grady has a doctorate from Harvard University and over 25 years of work experience in the field.

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