Our core two-day Leadership seminar
“Assessing and Refining Your Leadership Style” (ARYLS)

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What is ARYLS?

Assessing and Refining Your Leadership Style (ARYLS) is our core leadership mastery seminar, offered to the public three times a year exclusively through the Center for Management Research (CMR).

Its purpose is to help experienced leaders:

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of their current leadership style
  • Help leaders build on the leadership style they already have in order to make it more effective
  • Give leaders the confidence to ignore everything that doesn’t work for them because it doesn’t fit with and enhance their existing leadership style.
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Leaders often find the amount of material on leadership overwhelming. In the limited time they have available, even those who are committed to their own development tend to be unsure where and how to invest in learning. When leaders do carve out time to take a seminar, they often encounter a new theory and practice of leadership that would require stopping what they currently do and shifting to something different. Another problem is that many leadership theories and approaches give conflicting advice. And many are either too theoretical or restate the obvious.

We created ARYLS to meet the need for a seminar to help experienced leaders sort through the overwhelming mound of material to find the few gems that can add significantly to their effectiveness as leaders. By contrast with other seminars, ARYLS builds on the style leaders have already developed, that they have already spent years testing and refining. We help them find areas of their leadership styles that can be improved through extending and refining what already works for them. We help them build on the strengths of their already proven leadership styles, rather than adopt a new one.

What are the Six Perspectives on Leadership?

The six perspectives cover the entire field of leadership are:

  1. 1. Lead by Doing the Right Things
  2. 2. Lead by Embodying the Right Qualities
  3. 3. Lead by Using Your Qualities and Behaviors at the Right Time
  4. 4. Lead by Managing Your Shadow
  5. 5. Lead by Adapting Your Leadership Style to Fit the Situation
  6. 6. Lead by Selecting/Adapting the Situation to Fit Your Leadership Style

What does the ARYLS Seminar cover?

The Seminar covers all six perspectives, using each to understand and identify opportunities to enhance your existing leadership style.

Day 1

  • Overview: Six Perspectives on Leadership
  • Lead by Doing the Right Things
  • Lead by Embodying the Right Qualities
  • Lead by Using Your Leadership Qualities and Behaviors at the Right Time

Day 2

  • Lead by Managing Your Shadow
  • Lead by Adapting Your Leadership Style to Fit the Situation
  • Lead by Selecting/Adapting Situations to Fit Your Leadership Style
  • Applying Your Improved Leadership Style to a Current Situation
  • Presenting/Explaining Your Leadership Style to Others

How Is the Course Structured?

For each perspective on Leadership, there is an opportunity to:

  • Assess your current Leadership Style from that perspective
  • Explore the potential contributions of the perspective to your Leadership Style
  • Select a few high-leverage improvements to make in your leadership style

What distinguishes ARYLS from other seminars on Leadership?

  • Individualized
    You assess your current leadership style from six key perspectives, find the contributions from each perspective that build on your existing leadership style, and identify ways to incorporate them in a unique and personal way.
  • Practical
    You get concrete assistance in identifying and incorporating the changes into your leadership style. The approach builds on theory but is highly practical.
  • Experiential
    The emphasis is on exercises, small group discussion, and individual reflection, with a minimum of didactic presentations.
  • Succinct
    In 2 days, we provide a comprehensive introduction to the entire field of leadership and provide you with an understanding of how to leverage the field to support your own learning and development.
  • Enduring
    You will leave the seminar with a framework for understanding leadership that will enable you to categorize any book, article or other source of leadership advice and more readily assess whether it has anything to offer you. Ongoing support in the form of teleconferences, ezines, and coaching is also available after the seminar.
Who else will be participating in the seminar?

The public seminar draws high-level leaders from corporations, government, and the non-profit sector. You are likely to be at the same table with corporate senior executives, executive directors and senior executives from large non-profits, and senior government officials.

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