Our core two-day Leadership seminar
“Assessing and Refining Your Leadership Style” (ARYLS)

Please download and print out the ARLYS seminar information sheet here.


Whats New with the ARYLS seminar?

Since different people have taken the ARYLS seminar at different times, and we have typically made extensive changes between offerings, we highlight below only the most important changes that describe the current version of the seminar.

Improvements to the Assessing & Refining Your Leadership Style (ARYLS) Seminar

Six Perspectives on Leadership

We now present the ARYLS Seminar using six distinct perspectives on Leadership.

The six perspectives that cover the entire field of leadership are:

  1. 1. Lead by Doing the Right Things
  2. 2. Lead by Embodying the Right Qualities
  3. 3. Lead by Using Your Qualities and Behaviors at the Right Time
  4. 4. Lead by Managing Your Shadow
  5. 5. Lead by Adapting Your Leadership Style to Fit the Situation
  6. 6. Lead by Selecting/Adapting the Situation to Fit Your Leadership Style

The Annotated Bibliography

All participants receive an annotated bibliography of our highly selected key books on Leadership. We consistently improve our annotations and add carefully selected new material. The bibliography is currently 42 pages (vs. earlier 32 and 36 pages). It is also now organized according to the six perspectives, so that you can easily turn to more detailed information about any one of the perspectives that interests you.

This downloadable .pdf version of the bibliography contains live links to websites of the authors of the books, and links to Amazon to buy the book.

  • You may download the Leadership Bibliography here.

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