Our core two-day Leadership seminar
“Assessing and Refining Your Leadership Style” (ARYLS)

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Why not just tell me the "leadership gems" I need to know?

We start with the assumption that people entering the program have a leadership style that brings together what they have learned and experienced about leadership. This style works for them. What would be helpful for such leaders will vary enormously by individual. There are few if any magic bullets that work for all leaders. Our view is that the "gems" are highly personal and need to be selected by the leaders themselves to suit their existing style and personality.

How do I learn more about the leadership style I have?

You already know the key features of the style and can describe them directly. Jerry's High Performance Pattern work enables people to write down a description of what they do when they are particularly effective as leaders. Over time, people who do anything repeatedly, such as leadership, develop a style to guide their actions. They tacitly test this style in each new leadership situation, adding to it from what they learn, and deleting from it aspects that don't work for them. Thus each individual's leadership style is dynamic and growing. You can accelerate its growth by making your style explicit.

Why does knowing about my leadership style help me?

Most people are neither fully conscious of their leadership styles nor aware of what they could do to improve them. The ARYLS seminar enables all participants to assess and then refine their styles. All participants emerge from the seminar with a number of specific changes they can make in their leadership style to increase their effectiveness.

Why should your company invest the money to send you and others to the ARYLS seminar?

Busy managers and executives have limited time. They need to be highly selective about what they do to improve their leadership skills. For this, they need a guide through the immense thicket of overlapping theories and advice on leadership.

The ARYLS seminar is unique in providing an overview of the entire field of leadership, enabling participants to choose the improvements that will work for them. Participants are in the driver's seat, choosing what they believe will suit them best.

What is the payoff to my company? What's the value proposition?

In a rapidly changing and competitive world, no one can rest on past achievements. Every leader would do well to pick one or two things to work on each year, mastery of which will improve their effectiveness. We believe each individual is different in the way he/she achieves outstanding results as a leader. Determining which improvements will actually enhance a particular person's existing leadership style is a delicate matter. Many widely promoted "tips" just don't work for many people.

What is the saving?

There is nothing so demoralizing to busy people as wasted time. To spend time developing some skill that is tangential to what makes you effective as a leader not only wastes time but can undermine your confidence in what you do know about leadership. The ARYLS seminar uses your time well.

How can I justify the ARYLS seminar to the bean counters?

Self-development on the part of all executives and managers is absolutely critical to the continued competitiveness of any company in the current business world. Taking the ARYLS seminar is better viewed as an investment rather than an expense.

What could be the bottom-line impact for a leader who has been through the program vs. one who has not?

When the next leadership challenge appears, participants who have been through the ARYLS seminar will have developed their capabilities and be better able to respond. And the next time they hear well-meaning but bad advice, they will be able to disregard it without a second thought. And if pressed, they can explain exactly why it may be a good idea, but it won't work for them.

For what level of experience does ARYLS work best?

ARYLS is aimed at people with a reasonable amount of experience in leadership positions, either formal or informal. Typically, a seminar is composed of senior executives, but we also find that those new to leadership derive great benefit.

Is this for me?

If you are a person with experience in leadership who wants to improve your leadership capabilities, and yet you don't know how to identify the possible improvements that would work best for you, this program is your pathway through the constantly growing thicket of leadership theories and advice.

What is the "total value" of the program?

With ARYLS, you receive lasting value that will complement any leadership advice you learn or hear of in the future. We deliver a comprehensive framework for understanding the entire field of leadership, offering six distinct perspectives. You assess which perspectives are most valuable in improving your leadership and which you can safely ignore. You take with you from the seminar a framework for understanding leadership theories that will enable you to continue to draw upon the contributions that you find most useful, along with an extensive annotated bibliography that will support you in doing so.

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