Our core two-day Leadership seminar
“Assessing and Refining Your Leadership Style” (ARYLS)

Linking Your Leadership Style and Your Sense of Purpose
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Welcome to the first of our leadership Ezines. As with the Assessing and Refining Your Leadership Style (ARYLS) seminar, this Ezine is focused on helping you develop your leadership style into a personal and uniquely distinctive way of leading. This is the key to becoming a more effective leader. Imitating the leadership style of someone else is useful to see if his or her leadership behaviors and qualities work for you. Keep the ones that do and drop the rest. To persist in trying to master another person's way of leading will only leave you a frustrated and pale imitation of them.

In recent presentations of the Assessing & Refining Your Leadership Style (ARYLS) seminar, we have introduced exercises to help participants recognize the conditions under which they feel aligned with a Sense of Purpose. If you have not participated in the seminar, or did so a year or more ago, you will have missed this focus. We are providing a simplified version of these exercises, along with an explanation. It will only take a few minutes to complete them.

In the seminar we ask people to identify some times in their lives when they felt a strong Sense of Purpose, when they were so passionate about something that they felt they couldn't not do it. (If you want to try this, take a sheet of paper and write down a few times, or just bring two or three to mind.)

Then, we invite the participants to reflect on what the examples suggest about the purposes they would like their leadership to serve.

Participants then assess their current work on two scales (see examples below):

1. How well does it fit their Leadership Style?

2. How well does it fit their Sense of Purpose?



You may find it helpful to do the assessment yourself and plot your ratings. Depending on which box you are in, see if you can make adjustments in your work situation to increase your alignment with a Sense of Purpose and Your Leadership Style.

Even small steps to adjust the fit between you and your work on these two dimensions could make a big difference in your effectiveness and satisfaction.

Please feel free to forward this page link to any colleagues or friends you think would benefit from it.

Jerry Fletcher & Grady McGonagill

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