Our core two-day Leadership seminar
“Assessing and Refining Your Leadership Style” (ARYLS)

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Clients (In-House) Examples

Altus Pharmaceuticals
Late-stage biotech start-up
The CEO of Altus took the program. He recognized a need for a leadership development program to prepare the company for the challenges of management through the regulatory process of getting drug approval, and for the subsequent launching of products commercially. Thirty current managers and executives, as well as a number of high potentials, were selected for the program. One expanded one-day version of the ARYLS seminar was used to kick off a two-year leadership development program.

American Express
Credit card and travel services
A division of American Express needed to develop the leadership capabilities of their middle-level managers to execute their strategy world-wide. The vice-president of the division had taken the public ARYLS seminar. The seminar was presented as two-days of a four-day quarterly meeting. He followed up with each participant after the seminar to see that each person was working on something they learned from the seminar to improve their leadership capacity.

America’s Promise
A large, non-profit foundation providing support for after-school and other programs for America’s youth through State organizations
America’s Promise was having an annual meeting of state leadership teams. They needed something powerful to improve the leadership skills of their state teams. They used the two-day ARYLS seminar as part of their annual meeting.

Chiron Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceuticals and vaccines
The Vice President of World-Wide Marketing for one of the divisions took the public seminar offered through CMR and loved it. She decided to use the program to develop the leadership skills of her top 20 executives and managers. She brought in the full two-day ARYLS seminar for them.

Crown Equipment Corporation
Design and manufacture of battery-powered forklifts
The Vice-President of Design had take the public two-day ARYLS Seminar. He wanted to introduce Crown to a cutting-edge leadership program. He brought in an expanded one-day version of one perspective on Leadership – the segment on traits of leaders – for all of the managers who report to him and to invited leaders from other divisions of Crown.

Executive Jet
Leasing Private Jets
The CEO of one division of Executive Jet took the two-day public ARYLS seminar. He liked the seminar and wanted to provide a common Leadership experience for all of his managers and executives. The seminar was presented to 44 managers and executives in one large group. The seminar helped them all see differences in management styles and ways they could work together to take advantage of their differences.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Regulation of American banks and back-office processing of inter-bank transactions
A number of managers in the FRS-SF had taken the two-day seminar and recommended it as an in-house offering. It was offered to managers from several parts of the bank, as well as to HR staff from outlying branch offices.

National Wildlife Health Center
A Federal Government Agency charged with tracking the health/diseases of wildlife and controlling outbreaks
The Executive Director of the Center took the two-day public ARYLS Seminar. She brought in a one-day version of one perspective from the seminar – the High Performance Leadership Pattern perspective – to help her build better teamwork among her six direct reports.

Large, German electronics firm
The two-day ARYLS seminar was used as one segment of an on-going leadership development program (the entire program consisted of several, week-long experiences for a selected group of high potential leaders, spaced out over more than a year.

Tilcon, Connecticut
Highway construction
The CEO had taken the public two-day seminar. He had a tradition of providing at least one seminar for his leadership team during the winter when the weather made highway construction difficult or impossible. He selected ARYLS for the group of nearly thirty managers and executives.

Webster Bank
Retail Banking
The head of the direct-marketing division of the bank had taken the public two-day ARYLS Seminar. She brought in an expanded one-day version of one perspective on Leadership – the segment on traits of leaders – for all of the managers who report to her.

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